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On December 26, 2014,  Roman rode out of his driveway on his brand new electric scooter, and was fatally hit by an inattentive, speeding car.

Roman Alexander Martinez was diagnosed with ADHD and an anxiety disorder at a very young age. In second grade, Roman was severely bullied, was placed on Home/Hospital Instruction (one-to-one instruction provided at the home or hospital by the school district) and was prescribed many medications. The bullying continued for more than five years. When Roman was eight years old, we sought the help of an advocate, Christopher Russell with Advocates on Behalf of Children, who knew our parental rights and the services Roman needed and is entitled to by law.

In January 2014, Roman transferred to a new school and acclimated very well. Soon after, he stopped taking all anti-depressant medications. When school started in the fall, of 2014, he was a happy boy and making good progress. The Frostig teachers said he was thriving, cheerful and more content than ever.

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The Roman Fund is not limited to assisting children with special needs, such as Autism, Asperger’s, ADHD, Dyslexia, or other diagnoses. It also reaches out to parents of children who struggle with reading, writing, comprehension of oral and written language, physical and emotional issues, and other areas for which children need help. The organization provides an advocate to help ensure proper assessment, diagnosis, and services to which the child is legally entitled.

The Roman Fund is a 501, (C3 Non-Profit Organization.)   Tax ID: #47-3964005

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The Roman Fund mission is to provide the parents of children with special needs, and those who struggle academically, socially, emotionally, and/or bullied at school, with an advocate to help secure appropriate educational services and placements. The Roman Fund, provides financial support for those families that are in need and qualify.


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"​​It feels like yesterday when Roman passed away, but our family’s passion is to turn

Roman’s tragedy into something wonderful for others by “paying it forward” through

a non-profit organization we created called The Roman Fund."

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